Welcome to my personal website.
I'm a Web Designer, Trivia Buff, Parody Song Writer, Collector of Stuff.


I started designing websites in the mid-1990s.
If you've never heard of Geocities, you're much younger than me!

My first project was the fan site, Thuy Trang Tribute, to give thanks.
I just had to revamp it before I met Jason David Frank.

I once refreshed the design of My Toronto Scoop blog.
If you're dining in The Six, check out Rosie's reviews and pics.
It's since been redesigned by TMDS.

I've launched a money-saving & rewards-earning blog: moneyties.ca
Be rewarded for doing the things you already do today.

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I loved Jeopardy! and auditioned when Trebek had a moustache.
I get my fix now with HQ Trivia and SongPop Live to win cash!

HQ Trivia is a live quiz show where you guess from 3 choices. Get them all right and then it's time to rejoice, yes!

SongPop Live will have you naming that song! You'll win if none of your 25 selected tunes are wrong.

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My Artwork

Art and math were favourite subjects in my school education.
I utilized both disciplines in pencil crayon creations.
I later learned digital art, it's sometimes a little faster.
Which do you prefer? Old school tools or computer graphics raster?

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I love Weird Al, he's the king of parodies. He's an idol, and I'm not just panderin'!
So many songs about food. I wrote one myself, so of course it mentions Mandarin.

Chi-Hung Ta ยท Humble & Fred parody #4 - Mandarin I Feel Like Some Wontons

(vocals by Phil Hong)


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