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I started designing websites in the mid-1990s.
If you've never heard of Geocities, you're much younger than me!

My first project was the fan site, Thuy Trang Tribute, to give thanks.
It needs a revamp soon -- before I meet Jason David Frank.

I've refreshed the design of My Toronto Scoop blog.
If you're dining in The Six, check out Rosie's reviews and pics.

I've launched a money-saving rewards-earning blog:
Be rewarded for doing the things you already do today.



I loved Jeopardy! and auditioned when Trebek had a moustache.
I get my trivia fix these days with HQ and Play the Future.

HQ is a real-time game where a host reads a series of multiple-choice questions. Get them all correct and win cash!
I've won 10 times (and counting)!

Play the Future asks you to predict daily happenings: stocks, weather, sports, etc. Win prizes such as gift cards!
I'm 2nd in overall ranking!


My Artwork

Art and math were my favourite subjects in school. I utilized both disciplines in my pencil crayon artwork. I've also dabbled in digital art. Which do you prefer?
(Sorted in reverse chronological order.)


Did you want to collaborate on a project, or just say, "Hey"?
Use this form to contact me. Mmmkay?